Wealth Management

A financial planning strategy is only as good as how it is executed. The heart of Braemar’s resources and experience is culminated in executing a strong wealth management strategy. Portfolio execution is focused on the highest order, drawing upon institutional-level resources and intellectual capital.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is at the core of the services offered at Braemar. We help individuals and families plan for both the expected (retirement, college tuition) and the unexpected (personal loss, change in family dynamic, etc.). We utilize a comprehensive multi-step process as follows:

Fact finding Session – Before creating any financial plan, we must know where you stand and where you would like to be. At Braemar Wealth Management, every strategy is tailored to the various factors that contribute to your unique situation.

Analysis of data – In this stage, we analyze your current asset allocation and compare it against custom tailored portfolios that are carefully selected based on your current financial situation and your goals.

Presentation of strategy – Upon meeting with you after the Data Analysis stage, we present you with the Financial Plan that has been created specifically for your situation.

Ongoing monitoring and reviews – Circumstances change, and we are here to ensure that your financial plan is still right for you. By revising your plan when necessary, we can help you to work toward your financial goals.

Business Owners

At Braemar, we have a special place in our heart for business owners. Having departed from a large entity to create our own model, we know what is involved in operating a successful business on a day to day basis. We bring all of our experience to the table and develop solutions in the following:

Company employee benefit plans– their compliance to federal guidelines, and their efficiency in providing benefits to employees as well as possible tax savings to the owners.

Asset protection strategies– creating degrees of separation between the owners and their assets, planning for the unexpected with regards to the business partners and their families who benefit from the business.

Dynamic financial planning– specializing in financial planning for individuals with staggered or uneven incomes in an effort to help make sure the assets will be there to re-create the desired lifestyle in the later years of life.

Institutional Services

For many years, Braemar has served a demanding but loyal institutional client base. We have the experience, insight, and flexibility as an independent firm to attain execution of equity and fixed income securities, both primary and secondary issues. Because of our non-affiliation with any large firm, we can seek multiple sources for the most suitable product. At settlement, we work hard to ensure a swift delivery of assets to the institution’s clearing agent or prime broker.