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What is Braemar Wealth Management? What is their relationship with LPL Financial and what does that mean to me?

Braemar Wealth Management provides the utmost in client experience when it comes to a client’s or an institution’s financial future. It combines the best of both worlds: Braemar brings the small, boutique-firm experience. We have spent years serving some of the most affluent clients and institutions in the U.S. We have never been ‘assigned’ a client, so our current relationships have been won and maintained with trust and results. We have the freedom as an independent firm to exercise a high level of discretion with whom we work with, allowing us to give extra attention to the clients we have, rather than overwhelming ourselves with an abundance of relationships. LPL Financial brings size, strength, and the comprehensive resources of the largest independent broker-dealer in the United States*. They have over 2600 employees servicing 12,000 financial advisors nationwide. The big difference- LPL supports for Braemar instead of the advisor supporting the firm. This puts the power of advice in our hands, not that of a large firm- and that is usually the best thing for the client.

My accounts are currently with a large, well known financial institution. Would my accounts be as safe and accessible at Braemar?

Yes. Braemar Wealth Management has partnered with LPL Financial, the largest independent broker-dealer in the United States*. LPL Financial supports over 12,000 financial advisors, managing a total of over $330 Billion in assets. This allows Braemar to execute the advice it provides with confidence, knowing LPL Financial will provide clearing and custodian services, account access, monthly statements, and year-end tax documents for clients just as they have currently experienced. At the same time, LPL Financial does NOT engage in proprietary product manufacturing or trading securities for its own profit (or loss). They did not need to participate in any federal relief programs, such as TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program). This question came up a lot shortly after the economic events of late 2008, and a letter was written by LPL’s Chief Financial Officer to address these concerns (click here to read). Also, you can visit for more information.

I hear a lot about ‘conflicts of interests’ with large firms. What does that mean, and how do they not exist at Braemar?

Unlike many brokerage firms, which combine product distribution and product manufacturing, LPL Financial operates on a conflict-free open architecture product platform with no proprietary investment products. That means we at Braemar can recommend products and services to our clients based solely on the merit of those products and not what is dually good for the client and the investment firm itself. Also, LPL’s research department provides objective analysis on financial products, asset allocation strategies, and economic conditions. As a result, Braemar is able to recommend products selected on the basis of their clients’ financial needs and objectives without being influenced by any product manufacturing bias. In addition, LPL Financial does not engage in the business practices of investment banks or provide other alternative financial services. They do not engage in market-making activities trading out of their own inventory, which means they do not hold any securities on their balance sheet that are open to market risk. LPL does not have exposure to mortgage-related investments or securities, nor does LPL provide loans to hedge funds or other speculators.

How do I learn more about Braemar Wealth Management without committing to something?

We are an independent firm, with a robust existing client base. We have no quotas or sales managers. Our clients are here because they choose to be. At any time, our clients can sign account transfer paperwork to go to another firm as they signed ours to come to us. If we can help determine whether or not there is a fit, or simply help someone make a better decision about their investment relationships, we are happy to help. There is never any pressure to take any next steps. We give lots of educational seminars, and many of them are open to all of those that wish to go. Dates and times are posted on the website home page. Also, check out our Contact Us page for office location, telephone and email information. We would love to hear from you.

*As reported by Financial Planning Magazine, June 1996-2018, based on total revenue.